The Yellow Room

I definitely had a good night in my new dress (sorry, awkward photo) It felt like it was made for me – or two of me – and I don't mind having lots of conversations about Muumuus and Kaftans, which I did.

I walked into Sam Songailo's yellow room halfway through the night, a perfect time out, and my new dress was amazing under the lights. It's also amazing under normal light, like a festival all of it's own.

The maxi kaftan is outrageously comfortable, ideal for a quiet stroll in the heat of a martian summer or just hanging in the grid. Speaking of the grid, look how unfussed the small kids are. Anyway, there must be a lot of photos of this one out there, and there are also lots of photos of my show, both here and here. I'll be in the gallery for the next few fridays and saturdays, so do come say hello and maybe try some food in space while I'm there.

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