Galaxy of Love!

Love the Galaxy of LOVE. Kate Matthews and I ran a cut-out animation workshop with a group of girls from the Flemington Housing Estate as part of the fabulous She.Can.Create project. My photos, and yes, if you follow me on instagram (@dellstewart) even the space orchid is old news, sorry.

We started with an eclectic selection of collage materials (I had fun on the photocopier) and the simple rule that everything had to move from screen left to screen right. It evolved into imagining what you might see out the window of a space shuttle. Here's what the girls conjured, the Galaxy of LOVE (who knew all that was out there!) The video is here and there are some photos on Kate's blog here.

I also just watched videos from workshops Kate did in Yirrkala a few months ago, and it's so nice to see. There's also photos of that and more on Almond Land. You might see why I really want to go to Almond land next year. In the meantime, I'm happy with more space.

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Danial Collyer said...

I currently work in Yirrkala with Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation, I help with the money management team and Information Technology. I travel to the homelands regularly and have heaps of up to date video footage and pictures here http://laynhatechie.blogspot.com.au