Cup day

A post about horse day, this week felt all arse about because of it. I don't mind though when it entails holidays with everyone. I rode to Brunswick for a birthday breakfast, I picked an amazing velvety orange rose on the way. Happy Birthday Cassidy. It was so nice to hang out with a gaggle of children and the fresh new babies. I had blissed out sleeping baby moments, Emma's french toast moments and loving old friends aplenty.

Riding back up the hill to Northcote for the Billycarts in a daze I was glad to take refuge at Don's place for awhile, eating coconut macaroons, drinking plum wine and playing the ukulele while the crowds built up outside. I had fun on the finish line, watching the carts, the kids and the fashions of the fields trail past in all their glory. I did witness an horrific accident, thankfully everyone turned out to be OK, but it was hard to shake the vision from my head. Fast Handsome won again. The rain came at just the right time, and we rode home after dark, tired and happy, though it felt like about 3 days in one.

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