Post Christmas

We just got back from 10 days in FNQ and I am exhausted. We had a great time, it was consistently hot and we swam almost everyday, mostly in the river, which is low, but still lovely.
 Mum and Dad have not had rain, with it dryer than I've seen it for a long time. Upper Barron is known for it's lush six foot tall grass, so this easy walk to the river is unusual.

We saw lots of creatures, including Christmas beetles, elephant beetles, tree kangaroos, platypus, water dragons, dingos and an iridescent snake.
It's pretty nice to hang out with the family in the hills. We even got a small rainbow. We also got to hear the Grand Piano Mum inherited from Grandma Dell. It takes up a quarter of the loungeroom, but was played everyday.

A little tropical nostalgia, eating lychees and mangos and pawpaw and bananas and watermelon everyday and all the incredible flowering trees. The Pionciana were stunning.

I am happy to be home to a cool 23 degree day and my bed. Also hoping you all had a lovely Christmas too. See you in the New Year!

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