Last week

I meant to post about this, but last week was a big week, and therefore I didn't. I started to look properly pregnant, Isobel and I got some funding for our exhibition at Craft Victoria, Adam handed in his exegesis, I passed my driving test, Easy Money Club had a gig at the old bar supporting Magic Hands, I drove.

So apart from the usual, I have been running around, organising meetings, dropping work off to Mr Kitly, making new pottery, sewing up metres and metres of patchwork, having an autumn drive to the country and trying to organise some more space in our house for baby things, which keep appearing.

Everything is needing a huge reshuffle and I can't quite get my head around it. Soon, but in the meantime life is a mess, a good mess, but a mess. Go see Magic Hands during there wednesday residency at the old bar, and see their Golden Boy video too.

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