Ghost Town

Tumbleweeds are rolling by. Someone's whistling. I have been thoroughly enjoying the post exhibition quiet times, and vaguely dreading the pack down which will happen too soon.

The exhibition is on until the 30th of November at Craft, so please check it out if you are in the neighbourhood. I am pleased with it, and kind of amazed we made it, (an exhibition opening with an 8 week old baby) it was mostly enjoyable, if a little exhausting. I have to thank Isobel for being amazing, and all the artist's and helpers too. And a big thank you to the little baby for being relaxed and easy going.

What now? I've been marvelling at the poppies, carnations and roses and generally loving being in the garden. We planted tomatoes, bok choy, capsicum, eggplant, peas, rocket, radishes, basil, cucumbers and more. We have been eating broad beans, tiny strawberries and silver beet galore. I pickled the last of the beetroot. I dug up the horseradish and made it into 6 small jars of horsey kick.

We had a chutney club meet here yesterday, which was, as always lovely. Good friends, lots of delicious things to eat, Flieshy's cumquat, Drew's smoky pear, Kate's pickled mushrooms, Don's watermelon pickle, Rachael's brioche etc.

The baby is absolutely delightful, full of smiles and happy shrieks. Looking, chattering and growing bigger and we are enjoying every day of it.

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