All is well in the land of Dell. Just a little baby blooming and an exhibition looming, so frankly I have better things to do, like stamp little feet. Animation takes longer and I have a lot of it to do, in the little windows of time I get. Apart from an exhibition, Isobel and I delivered a school holiday workshop at Tarrawarra Museum. We made masks with kids, and had them animate, inspired by the exhibition Animate/Inanimate.

Stitching time opens at Craft on the 17th of October. We have a couple of workshops running during the exhibition, including a Phenokistoscope workshop, the one below is by Maureen Watts and if you want to make your own piece of magic with us, you can book online or at Craft.


Paula Alice said...

Congratulations Dell!!
Hope all is going well for your little family xoxo

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