��not ��������just being all hipsterish. no shizzle fizzle. and not even azzle and dazzle. this is just a picture of that grey mist i've spoken about. and you know, now that's it's really grey and misty i'm overjoyed. no more sunny perfect weather and i am happy. the blues have gone. could be cause i leave in a few days, but i truly love it here... maybe just because i appreciate the weather finally coming to the party... and illustrating my recent moodiness. drearyness. mistiness. vagueness.

we all know that it's cause i miss everybody. duh. leave them and that happens. that's a veiled attempt at telling you ALL that i miss you. and it's no lie. but now i go see rachael and she be apples.

i also scored the hottest red shoes and new black jeans from op shop two dollars... bad? good? i don't care... so there.

fade out

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