i'm wellish, a little of the cold. but it might be the chilling southerly thats blowing, NO. i'm not adopting the national obsession with the weather. i swear its everybodies favourite show.
rash generalisations aside. i'm enjoying this week. started well with a good awkward movie, look both ways, numerous good music films, 1 hot berlin film & beers with filmakers & beers with sarah & amy on the decomissioned navy frigate in the harbour which is my new home for saturday nights. they play footage over and over of big ships being blown up & sinking.
sinking ships
i didn't watch it enough so must go back again & again til it's sunk in november. it would be nice to see them blowup a big ship, but maybe by then it would be boring. after all that watching. my first experience of the famed honeywagon & parties and then work then more films. yes its the film festival & i have been granted a ticket & i'm loving seeing things as i haven't taken time out for film in years.

but now i'm tired.

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rock it dont stpo it