art film make me sore

my body hurts all over but I am delighted. I tumbled out of bed still drunk at 12 today. late for a date. I rode into the city in the rain. I was suitably apologetic for my sorry state.

I watched cremaster 3 at ACMI. I have been meaning to see mr barneys films forever. but was always daunted by the length and stuff. SO why not go when you can barely be alive let alone watch a long art movie?

I loved it. despite the way it managed to lay out new kinds of hell around every corner.

look a BIG man who shakes the world when he stomps... eating raw meat. LOOK a skinny dirty lady being dragged into the chrylser building... ew.... whats on her? EEEW... whats that on the floor? shreiking breathing oozing goop... the pretty pastel cars are relentlessly smashing the black beatle car into tiny pieces in the fancy hotel lobby... AND IT"S HURTING MY HEAD. look a pretty lady in a room full of potatos... wow look at her shoes... she’s making wedges with them. YES potato wedges. those aren’t real legs. OH she doesn’t have any...

look at his tool belt. I like toolbelts. and aprons. he has big hunks of rock in it. hmmmmn. whats he doing. climbing into the lift. setting off the sprinklers. making sloppy concrete and pouring it in. he's almost filled the entire lift. mmmm fixed… OK, I won’t go on.

I came out with new eyes. I still felt a bit like I was dying. but life has been good to me, so dying will be too.

and it was as if everybody knew. a man sang to me from a car at the lights. I walked down an alley to where my bike was parked and there was a mirror all the way along it, for me to check out my dance club moves in. I clapped so loudly a man came out from the service entrance to the hotel and joined in. then I smiled bowed and rode off. I smiled at people all the way home. a boy wound down his window to say hello. then I danced. ouch. then I crawled my sorry body into bed and here is where I’ll stay.

i am a rabbit.

bunny teeth

... oh look pretty ladies with big boobs in a bubble bath... LOOK AT THOSE DANCERS! ... wow... cool... ew... he pooed out a tube that oozes pink liquid and teeth. oh that’s right they smashed his teeth in after the races. poor horses turned into meat... yerk...

ok so the movie still runs through my head.


TOBYtoby said...

Teeth and horses and fleshy pink tubes and a teatowel in a bloody mouth and giants and guiness and murderous cars and an eagle (which bugged me for ages, what happened to the eagle ... ) and a tap-dancing chorus line and ribbons from building tops and a cement filled elevator ...

and ...
and ...

I can't get it out of my head.

I can only imagine what it would be like drunk and sore, it's already hard enough ...

rhymes with pony said...

rabbit rabbit.
Barney makes me Bored but not bored.
i am going to see his new film with bjork in it if you wanna cum.
i am happy you are here putting the dance in the streets and making the day of bored hoteliers
let the animals back on to the (concrete) prarie and unleash the true reason to live.

hell said...

nice bear ronan. and i like the capital B bored distinction... i saw his new bjork film, and that made me bored. it lacked the humour of cremaster 3 and felt like watching their long, slow, private LOVE unfold. meh. he should never have shaved the beard.