consult the monkey book (part 1) wardy & simon

annie gave me a monkey book. oo oo oo

and upon consulting it, I have a few more creatures classified. i am also surprised at the number of my friends who bear a striking resemblance to some other primates. i hope they won't take offence. i like monkeys. and my friends are very good looking.

case in point.


wardy, and that is possibly greg on drums. of the tranquilizers. (cass not pictured here)

see them play tomorrow night at the old bar. i love them. they have new songs. they are recording an album. it sounds good to me.

this is simon,contemplating his new white leather jacket….


this is also simon cause he is an astronaut and HE WORKS FOR NASA, or so he told me when I went on a date with him the other day. LYING DOG.

he is rather intelligent, on the top of the scale for his species.

YES this is an ongoing series. YOU MIGHT BE NEXT...

**disclaimer. if anyone takes offence they can take it up with me, personally.

signed, queen of the jungle.

also i'd be happy to post any monkeys you find that look like me. kate had a theory that i somehow managed to look like ALL monkeys. and when i moved out of her house she said she'd replace me with an orangutang.

hmmmm *narrows eyes*

she might just be next.

mmwaaaahhaa ha ha!

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