taste of the alps.

I spent the day helping hooper hang her exhibition.

she’s been in Darwin. where the sun is setting over sailboats. she’s also been in china. where the smog lays heavy over a crazy world of theme parks, volcanoes, excess plastics, flashing lights & casino money.

new hair

she’s back in Melbourne. and that makes me happy. she’s a painter, like this monkey named pierre.

pierre the art monkey

highly strung, he eats a banana an hour while painting. hoops doesn’t eat SO many bananas. she smokes menthol cigarettes. don’t hold it against her. she was in china too long. it’s just like a breath of fresh air. NO REALLY. I know.

her paintings are lovely. leopards and volcanoes, roses and clouds and cars and explosions, donkeys, dogs, muscle men & BANANAS.

see for yourself. titan buff. Rachael Hooper. seventh gallery 155 gertrude st fitzroy. opening beers and stuff tonight, tuesday 16th may 6-8pm.

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