buy me a pony day

i picked up jesus mary AND joseph on a ride home from the pub. hard rubbish gold NO? my house has new blessings.

jesus mary & joseph, hard rubbish gold

i had an emotional day.
truly ruly draining.
also quite delightful. BUT.
i had no brain for most of it.
but a heart. i have a heart.

no phone though.
it's got worser & worser to the point of WHY BOTHER ANSWERING IT. it will sound like someone in a bucket of water. then if they do get through folks will abuse me for the crapness of it all.


whats a girl to do or say when she spent her last ten dollars on beer & more beer. again and again and again and again.


buy you?

i'd own you all if i could afford it.



rhymes with pony said...

hard rubbish platinum

TOBYtoby said...

Genius. I can't believe anyone would give that away.

And no more money for beer! Sad, Dell, so sad ... that's why I try and drink more box wine ... but lucky you're OK at pool :).

hell said...

NO. very bad at pool. which is why it's SO GOOD when i win.

TOBYtoby said...

Ah, in my mind you're a pool shark winning games in exchange for beer.

Like The Color of Money, but ~definitely~ without Tom Cruise.