on the job

i really truly have to knuckle down & do some work. i have some drawings to do. a lot actually.

a few pointers to get you on your way...

one. do not update your blog. it will make you want read other blogs. oh too late.

two. do not make a nice hot chocolate. again too late.

three. don't start making yourself a playsuit. THAT'S NOT DRAWING.

four. print five t-shirts. NOR IS THAT.

say hello to my day.

maybe i should write about these 'so called' drawings instead. something we here at dellonearthTM also need to be doing... how can i do that when i can't finish the drawings. HOW?

BUT, someone else has been drawing. YES LOOK! another clever hard to read drawing from Nathan Gray… but it says that the food group play saturday. I'M TORN. i also want to see the tranquilizers CLEVER MONKEYS!
they make me dance. & I LOVE THEM. and i even love it more when they play at the old bar. BUT. none of that happens til saturday so i might just get back on the job of making my playsuit.


TOBYtoby said...

Ah ... I'm avoiding work. We went to the shops for a Nerf gun to shoot our boss. And I wrote a new story. And wondered about things.

Too many bands on Saturday. Ages of nothing and it seems everyone comes out of hibernation at the same time. Fits has suggested Tote for tonight, which is naughty, because it's a school night, but the band has the flu so no practice (again) and I can be late to work tomorrow ... I might go.

little nemo said...

oh dell, perhaps we need to commission you to save the world.

*thinks* must save the world today; really got to get down to it.

no distractions.

maybe I'll just do one drawing and then save the planet...

i amazed myself by tidying the studio without being prompted by some other more important thing that I was really meant to be doing. perhaps I'm getting grown up.

rhymes with pony said...

procrastinators of the world unite...after 12 ...or maybe tomorrow

problematic said...

i would love to procrastinate with alllll of you sometime soon.
i have a tidy studio too SM!
what a way to procrastinate....

sublime-ation said...

My entire house is immaculate. And 15,000 words to write by next week.
Procastination: great for cleaning/sorting out desks.
Bad for anxiety levels/cash flow.

No more blogging for us. Back to work.

Although a playsuit sounds nice...

hell said...

BUT I DON'T HAVE A TIDY STUDIO! it's strewn with clothes and playsuit pieces and scrumply papers and I HATE IT!

BAH to my life... trade?

BUT i would be hopelessly inadequate at your life too! AHHHHH!

problematic said...

you may most certainly come and play and make play suits to play and draw in
in my tidy studio, and sip tea from royal crown tea cups
(does your fleischi education of the tea cup tradition stretch thus far?) and draw.
while we draw.

for today i am at work, where nothing much matters, and the building is not mine, so its not so important, so i may blog my brains out.