GO ON, put it on your BLOB

... an ongoing conversation with my friend brooke. who doesn't have a blog… and doesn't read blogs.

Brooke: spill, did you date the guy who read your blob.

Me: which guy? … it’s not a blob.

Brooke: the one who wrote on someone else’s blob that he had a crush on you…

Me: it’s not a blob.

Brooke: what is it?

Me: a BLOG

Brooke: blog BLOB. whatever. SO. did ya?

Me: we had a beer

Brooke: and?

Me: we talked.

Brooke: … …

Me: he seems nice.

Brooke: see him again?

Me: sure. why not?

Brooke: he reads your BLOB!

Brookie and her charming summation of my blob life.
just wait til she has a blob. the blob readers will be lining up to date her. the whole blob community will have a field day. cause she'd be a really hot blobber...


Cameron said...

blob on dear lady

rhymes with pony said...

can we have more on the "date" !? or is it dangerous as the other blobber might read it on your blob, and then go and post something on his blob, or maybe on someonelse's (again) and then before you know it the whole blobbing community will be casting judgement on what was really just a thing that got brought into RL (real life) and not worth going on and on about with blobby statements, retractions, rethinks, analyses, and blob pain (or its opposite).
But can we anyway?

sublime-ation said...

THE BLOB: now even more loved by nerds.

That's what my non-blobby friends call it too. And they have this kind of tone, it's very dismissive:
'What, on your blob?'
'What are you doing, blobbing again?'
'Oh jeesus, not your blob again'
'my friend at work has a blob, and she keeps talking about this chutney club thing, and this drop and roll thing'

me: 'what's the name of her blob, or her blobber name?'

them: 'ummmmmm......I forget.'

and I recently got told by a friend whose a fan of Sherriff's (it's the only blog she reads) when I told her he was back in Hell 'I just don't have your blob stamina.'

Blobbing: now an endurance sport.

They are so going to be left behind in the BLOB cultural revolution.

hell said...

NO ponester... i'm being COY...


and she wonders how i know stuff. OF COURSE i read it on someones blob.

& i laugh & laugh every time she calls it a blob.

my endurance for blobs grew rapidly once i had my own.

TOBYtoby said...

Not that I read your blob, but that's the best name for it ever.

And they are kind-of blobby anyway, all amorphous and indistinct and whatever you want them to be. A big creative blob of ... stuff.

problematic said...

so even though i havent confessed my love for you on fits' blob

i have a crush on you too.

perhaps we can blob date together sometime.

ill bring the quince brandy.


esther said...

oh i like it, i like it a lot. blob blob blob. it's how i feel.

mm and now i feel like quince brandy too.

ps - steal the tamarillos .. go on, they won't miss them.

Djali said...

BLOB! YES! That's what my notblogger friends call it too.

But I know it's just because they don't understand and can't understand; not until they have a blog of their own. Until then, FOOLS, the lot of them.
Viva Bloglution!

Djali said...

or Blobolution?...
dont' know

still deciding