goldielocks and the big gay post

goldielocks crossed town to northcote with little over an hours notice. AMAZING. i thought perhaps you needed a permit to do that. or at least a few days to ready yourself.

she stumbled upon not one, but TWO lovely ladies in the street. they were in command of a yellow van named banana. so far SO GOOD.

she saw a likely looking establishment to lounge around in and found not one of her wonderful friends. BUT MANY. there were many chairs to choose from, but the woodgrain was most handsome...

we love woodgrain
pony stripes

... and suitably tall, for the viewing of pretty ponies and handsome staff. hi sassy! hi kade!

WHO'S THAT SITTING IN MY CHAIR said the bear. a grizzly bear named simon was there. outside his usual habitat. BUT fitting in quite nicely THANK YOU. it was like a big old 'we drink coffee' reunion. in a fancy new spot.

it was named PALOMINO, which we decided was a bit GAY. not a bad thing. coming from us, as rachael is renowned for her BIG GAY ART HAND, and I, most certainly had GAY hair.

i had curly hair today

Kade & Cate. what a bunch of go-getters. You could go there too. If you're on high street.

I forget what number, but near the wesley anne & across from pizza by the metre* NOT real name but couldn't help that. SORRY.

shameless plug over.

goldielocks... a definition i found on the world wide web.

a woman who comes to your home, eats your food, sleeps in your bed and is still there when you get home...

that's, like, SO appropriate now i'm a housesitter again.


*washing hands of big gay post*


rhymes with pony said...

i thought you were inviting me to go there this morning.

ms fits said...

My o my, what curly locks you have. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN.

hell said...

it happened overnight and is gone just as quick... BUT FUN.

oh ronan, i forget you don't just happen to be there like your brother... will see you friday, and i meant it, if you want come stay over in st kilda...

TOBYtoby said...

You make a wonderful goldielocks!

hell said...

thanks toby !