it's all true

what i got when i googled 'dell needs' or 'blob fillerTM' *

*like no more gaps or spacfiller or even a bit like putty
i don't know why hardware references welled up in me then. but they did.

Dell needs your support
Dell needs headphones
Dell needs focus
Dell needs a job
Dell needs a replacement
Dell needs to DIE
Dell needs to go even further
Dell needs a new plan
Dell needs to wake up
Dell needs sun
Dell needs money
Dell needs to be very afraid
Dell needs to actually come up with something new
Dell needs to hire a wire wrangler
Dell needs her house
Dell needs your money
Dell needs to do more
Dell needs to stay on top
Dell needs a hit
Dell needs a full 12-step recovery program

you try it

and when i want to throw potential suitors i'll just say 'google me' **

**someone said that to me a few weeks ago, in all earnestness.


rhymes with pony said...

that is great.
a call to action.
please disregard number 6
but the rest all apply.
can i take number 6?
feeling moribund as it is.

little nemo said...

"I'm not saying Simon needs to be Reagan. Nobody can be anybody they're not,"

frighteningly accurate...

TOBYtoby said...

As long as 6 is a metaphor, I'll take a couple.