i went camping

with jane and jess and alice in a lovely old combie. on an op-shopping mission up to wanganui. and we surely shopped. it was lovely. good company, fold out tables, chrocheted granny rugs, cups of wine, fish & chips, games of cards, and very pretty scenes.
we picked wild blackberries, plums, grapefruit and lemons...
kai iwi

i am almost op-shopped out. the smell of old people and blaring christian music start to grate. which is probably lucky as i have to bring it all back to melbourne somehow. yay! more weird clothes to fit into my troubled wardrobe.
i miss melbourne.


sublime-ation said...

oh I love country town op shopping. That's where all the best stuff is.
Nice pix.

ms fits said...

Melbourne misses you too, darling girl. Come home and eat spaghetti with me. x

rhymes with pony said...

pretty pretty pretty
ooo oo ooo aaaa ooo