book book book

I'm the chairman of the bored.

In case you needed proof. This is a list of the books I've read in the last month...

then weep.

'their heads are green'
paul bowles (i want a parrot)
'small island' andrea levy (big heart)
'the search' john battelle (google... hmmm interesting... search...)
'adrian mole and the weapons of mass destruction' sue townsend (blergh)
'lord jim' joseph conrad (i forget)
'a short history of progress' ronald wright (hmmm interesting, truly)
'a computer called leo: the worlds first office computer' georgina ferry (mmmm)
'on beauty' zadie smith (ok)
'the sweetest dream' doris lessing (heartbreaking and close)

house-sitting. i love it.

when i say bored, i mean bored in the nicest possible way.
like; i might just go for another 2 hour walk along this lonesome, wild beach to stare at some hills and some water. or maybe jump on the trampoline. or stand in the wind on a hillside and walk down to the end of the runway and see the planes flying overhead or swim in the cold, cold sea.

wellington is a very pretty town.


esther said...

oooh i wanna be that bored. that sounds like the best best thing. i love to read too much and wander. and a trampoline!!

but welcome back and i hope not being bored is fun too.

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