bang bang bang

Talk about happy ending, I was one grinny girl, all night, apart from the moments when I was terrified, trying to locate our dinner party and some child is dropping crackers off the balcony at us... The streets were all out war, with kids hurling them at each other and trying to get their fingers blown off. The bridge was just a crowd of people kissing and yelling and shooting off fireworks amidst the crowd, smoky, noisy, terrifying and fun.


It started with fondue and ended with my hairy boyfriend spouting lines from the communist manifesto, further convincing the drunken boys that he was the Australian Karl Marx. I am in love with the Australian Karl Marx, apparently.


Now it's snowing, and I have to peel my grinning face away from the window, where I keep returning to stare in wonder. While our big cake of a building is starting to look suitably frosted... I have to go stare at it now, it might not last.


animaldelmar said...

a happy, happy new year to you and the adorable adam, dell! somehow i seemed unable to locate you at the party later on (must have been all that sekt...) - hope you got home okay on those warry streets! hope to see youse soon, m

animaldelmar said...

Found this today in newspaper "Tip":

"English natives!(artists, musicians..) School needs people like you who want to teach children. Basic German and experience are required. Longterm only. call: LSPI 29363140"

Maybe you're interested? Mx

rhymes with pony said...

happy new year.
it is ironic that your grin is actually not in that photo.
australia melts and berlin frosts.
Are european NYE different from australian ones in other ways. It sounds like there is more kissing..

sublime-ation said...

I was grinny too.

Happy New Year to you too, fellow grinny girl.


animaldelmar said...

yes, i'd LOVE to go bowling :) haven't done that in 15 years... beautiful! say when and i shall be there!

rhymes with pony said...

happy birthday mwah mwah mwaaaaaah