After days of cabin fever inducing non-stop rain, we had a much needed sunny day, so dropped everything and went walk about. Along the canals and the river and Museum Insel, we decided to walk to the top of the Berliner Dom. It was a clear perfect day to look out over the little people below...

little people
spirit world

We went to the movies last night and saw Shwarze Shafe (black sheep) It was good, funny. In watching german movies, I still just pick up the swearwords. What that says about me and my language, I don't know. Something bad?

Ja, Ich habe kliene deutsche... and it's all filth...


animaldelmar said...

oh, how i LOVE the little people! do you know the person who makes them? m x

dell said...

no, but i have been looking at the blog for awhile, sweet huh?

Ben.H said...

Does German dubbing still sound like it's done by bored conveyancing clerks, regardless of the action on screen?