I look forward to this presentation of yours...

That is how they say it here. I am developing more of the English as a second language syndrome.

Our studio/home is a bit of a dingy wonderland with flags and magic mountains and piles of rubble. Its been fun, I have a boat, I have made some things, though am not at all sure yet what will become of them by friday. It all feels a bit amateur hour, but with only 3 weeks from the initial offer, to the exhibition, it's a personal record I think. It's kind of nice, to not have all that time to dwell and procrastinate, just abit of a dazed "must make stuff, no time" approach. Then afterwards we get to see what we've made. Anyway, no doubt there'll be pictures.

a fine mess
Today we are screen printing. It's the usual slapdash affair. Fingers crossed it's done soon, I have a sweatshop to return to.


pen said...


sublime-ation said...

I will send you vegemite if you send me a log of wooden smoked cheese.

You should make one, so it can get through Aussie customs.