we got two wheels baby

It's all eating waffles and riding bikes. Everyday.
two wheels baby
I'm considering marrying smoked cheese I love it so.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why there are so many ridiculously tiny horses in these here watery fields? Not just ponies, tiny ponies. Maybe it's to do with the whole land of the giants myth? Anyone?
Deers are magical animals and they live in the park, and they have bounding babies. OMG.

The air is rich with the smells of summer blossoms and green green grass.
Water is brimming up all around, just like in the pictures...

People stand around beside the herring stall dangling little fishes down their throats. Not me though.

It's not even dark til 11 at night.

... and Holland are wowing Europe with their fresh football and their previously unimaginably orange wardrobes, we are hearing the roar of it all from here. Oranje Oranje Oranje!


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Minta said...

i adore dutch smoked cheese tooo. but i don't think i have come close to the real thing. And please take a photo of the tiny horses for me. Oh Please pretty!