egg hunt!

Um, we got all grown up and bought a BBQ! Thanks to Bird who delivered us to the land of the superstores in her teacher's wagon. We christened it tonight with haloumi mushroom skewers and smokey tofu and some other delicious things. It has just tripled our cooking surfaces, and we are pondering baking cakes* in it all ready.

We had Good Friday breaky in the ladies' backyard, with very special dyed picture eggs and bacon and buns and an egg hunt, where an excitable Sailor uncovered 30 eggs. I have had a belly ache for days, but still I am hoping Adam cracks open his elegant rabbit soon.

*No we don't miss having an oven one little bit. We have both experimented with steamed cake-type puddings, me a dark choclate number, and he a Malaysian coconut cake, to varying degrees of success.

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pen said...

when I was a kid we didn't have an oven for a couple of years (don't ask!) and mum used to bake cakes in the sunbeam electric frying pan- it works!! the tops don't go golden but they are moist!