Hello World

Hello Blogosphere.

Yes, that's you.

I have been slightly addicted to stats lately, about a month ago I finally worked out how to see a map of visitors to this site. I am a bit slow.
I find it surprising and amazing still. So to my reader in Montreal, hello. To my reader in Adelaide, hello. To my reader in Alice Springs, yay, hello. Also hello Santiago, and Lisbon, and of course hello Paris, hello Berlin. Hello Holland! New YORK. London. Hawaii! Milan. Tokyo.

Hello World.

My map desk has come in handy. What a nerd.
Speaking of nerds, who is your nerdboyfriend?
I can't choose. It's very problematic.


Chica Mandita said...

Hola from Santiago

dell said...


Thanks for visiting.

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

OMG how do you do that mapping?