When Pene said she was in Strahan for her birthday I had one word for her. Fudge. It's one of those things that stays with you. My first visit was when I was 12, with my Aunt Pene. We were driving around the west coast of Tasmania, walking up mountains and through forests. The fudge shop at Strahan with it's giant bricks of fudge which they carved hunks off of before your hungry eyes, was truly something to remember. I have been back there twice since, though it has been a long time. So I was extra excited this morning when I got to work to a present all the way from Strahan. OHMYGOD. So creamy and delicious. YUM.
Also the buckwheat honey is amazing, and extra special thanks from an aspiring wild beekeeper...
Whose birthday is this?
Thanks Pene!

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