Feijoa and ginger jelly

MMMM... the sweet smell of feijoa's cooking. I got a tip off from Pen about a website which lists fruit trees in public spaces. I have since ridden down the road to pick a bag of feijoas from a tree absolutely loaded with fruit, ripe and falling to the ground. I'm always on the lookout for fruit trees, but it helps if you need something and know it is in season, to know where to look.

It prompted me to challenge chutney club to pick their own fruit for the next meeting. I love the idea of community gardens and the growth of the inner city food supply, making greener cities, and more food at hand for those in need and for the fresh food opportunists amongst us. Quinces and Pomegranites are next on my list.


Anonymous said...

It sounds amazing! Can you please give us the recipie!?

dell said...


Feijoa and ginger jelly.

Chop 1.5 kg roughly. Squeeze over half a lemon. Almost cover with water. Cook til soft. Strain through muslin. Measure into pan. Add slivers of crystalized ginger and 3/4 cup of sugar for each cup of juice. Cook til soft ball or sets when spooned onto a cold plate.

Eddy said...


you may like this blog Dell, its great!

enjoy your delicious sounding produce!

Anonymous said...

I tried your recipe, BRILLIANT.
Kudos to your feijoa jelly.

dell said...


Thanks also Eddy..