SUPER MARKET. I traded all I had, for some random stuff, most of which I am very pleased about. I'll give you a better list when I pick up my loot from the studio. In the meantime some photos from the day. A LOT of people came. There were a lot of conversations and negotiations. And a lot of awkward moments. Initially I felt like a sitting duck, and wished I had a list in front of me so I didn't have to talk so much, I'm not particularly good at it. It got easier as the day went on. There were lots of biscuits, good cheese and cups of tea, making the whole thing like a big picnic.

Heads up to Kim Brockett and Always Moving for organising a wonderful day.

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lauren said...

it was super to see you! and i'm a wee bit jealous that i couldn't get there early and start a catfight over your forks ;)

i got an outcome and the barkly st roundabout! i'm pretty happy with them :)