Last week I made a mousy hood. Pene had brought down some shorter pieces of her handspun wool for me to raid. I love this stuff, its all blue and grey and green nubbles and SO soft and pretty like a grey day on the south seas. It was perfect for the chunky hood I have wanted for awhile now, she also provided the grey alpaca (I'm spoilt). I made a hood scarf while at A.I.M. as knitting is the perfect task to watch animation render by. I loved that hood, but lost it after about two weeks, which is typical of me. I struggle to knit something I actually like, then lose it when I do. Donk.

Someone said it looks abit like I came down from the Andes and I need a pan flute, but I will stick with my rainbow Clarina which I scored at the SUPERMARKET and ignore the naysayers. I've been loving the grey on grey on blue look lately and the wooly layered one too. It's winter.

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