The Farm

Last week we drove in a convoy down the coast with Nic and the kids. We donned gumboots and tramped around the farm. It was the first visit and definitely not the last. So nice. School holidays meant kick to kick, chess, hair braiding and sitting for portraits, a spot of orchard envying and a game of STACKS ON ADAM!

Kicking a football is not easy in gumboots.

Driving through the Otway national park to get there is amazing – windows down, heads out, breathing in the good tree air – it reminds me of home. We saw superb fairy wrens, koalas, kangaroos, a tiger snake, a swamp wallaby and a stray cat. We drank Otway beer and ate fish and chips at Apollo Bay. We drove to Gelibrand and had lunch in the idyllic pub beergarden where we were joined by cute puppies. It really felt like holidays.

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