I am making coconut macaroons after a late night trip to the supermarket. I love a moist chewy coconut blob. These ones are a little too toasty, as our oven has a notorious hot corner. But, still, alright for 11pm on a monday, we'll see how they survive in the morning, it is humid, still.

This is my effort to write something, anything. I've had blank brain, I blame hayfever.

A few pictures too, pretty flowery, I've been feeling the spring in other ways than just hayfever. Tonight as we walked around our neighbourhood, I said, 'it's a really good year for roses', Adam nearly fell over laughing at me.

This is from a late friday breakfast at New Day Rising. Yum.

The Plant Journal.

I rescued all the buds off the broken poppy plant, and this morning they had bloomed.

Friday afternoon, killing time picking flowers in the backstreets of Brunswick.

And, those very same flowers, 6hrs later, a little squashed after a ride home under my bike helmet. You can see what I did there with the colours in my Dahlia top, I dug out some hidden summer clothes.

I am happy about a day off with everyone tomorrow. Poor horses.

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